Join us for a panel discussion with Border Angels Water Drop leaders – volunteers who lead groups into the desert between Mexico and California to leave water and life saving supplies for migrants making the journey north on foot.

After the panel, we will watch This Taco Truck Kills Fascists, a documentary by Rodrigo Dorfman that won Best Louisiana Feature at the 2018 New Orleans Film Festival. It chronicles New Orleans-based performance activist Jose Torres-Tama and his revolutionary Taco Truck Theater / Teatro Sin Fronteras ensemble, whose simple message is “No guacamole for immigrant haters”. The film illustrates how revolutionary consciousness is transmitted across generations and the challenge this poses when parenting children in the Age of Trump.

The event is a consciously social “Summer Kickoff” meant to establish Border Angels’ emerging presence in the Bay Area with music, tacos and a space to discuss creative methods of resistance against anti-immigrant rhetoric and policy.

Donation based – all proceeds go towards Border Angels’ efforts to renovate our migrant shelter, Embajada Migrante in Playas, Mexico.

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Date & Time

June 7 | 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM


Impact Hub San Francisco


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: $10-$20

Cost for Non Members: $10-$20

Updated on 29 April 2019