Why do so many social good initiatives fail? Often we are not adequately equipped to serve the communities we would like to help the most. Empathy is a critical skill that can help us bridge cultural divides and envision new pathways to social and economic justice. Solutions emerging from empathy are grounded in the realities of communities we aim to serve as well as our personal expertise.

Join us for an action-packed workshop where we will practice cultivating empathy and explore the connections between cultural humility, spirituality and their critical role in social innovation.

This event will take place at IHSF Pop Up on Thursday, March 23, from 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm.

Event breakdown:

6 pm – 6:30pm – Guest reception & mixer

6:30 pm – 8 pm – Event workshop

8 pm – 8:30 pm – Closing remarks & networking

Ignite-Institute-logThe Ignite Institute offers innovative leadership training programs for corporations and nonprofits, which due to our being a part of the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, bring a fresh approach based upon introspection, community building and spiritual growth to those work and life challenges so common today. Our programs focus on reducing burnout, increasing employee productivity and retention and fostering environments of diversity and inclusion.


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Event Organizers

Impact Hub Berkeley

Date & Time

Mar 23rd | 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM


Impact Hub SF Pop-up


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: $15

Cost for Non Members: $20

Updated on 04 March 2017