In March 2017, in anticipation of a May move to 1885 Mission St (at the corner of 15th St and Mission), Impact Hub signed a Community Benefits Agreement with members of the Mission Community. This agreement (a public version of which is below) outlines a strategy which ensures the community, programming, and work of the Impact Hub reflect the diversity of the Mission, support engagement with the traditional working-class residents of the Mission, and contribute to the economic opportunities and stabilization of its residents and culture.

About Impact Hub

Impact Hub San Francisco is a membership community of entrepreneurs, activists, creatives, and professionals taking action to drive positive social, economic and environmental change. Members have access to a local and global community of change agents, collaboration space, frequent events, community programs, and more. Impact Hub San Francisco is a certified B Corporation. Being a B Corp strengthens our resolve to achieve higher social and environmental standards, and empowers others in our community to do the same.

Subsidized Office Space

Approximately 1,200 sq ft of office space, 33% of the nonprofit space, will be offered to local, community-serving nonprofits at a subsidized rental rate. Impact Hub and the Board will make every effort to bring in more Mission-serving organizations to occupy other offices, and will offer discounts where possible.

This guarantees that the community has a stake in the project in a permanent way that has a stabilizing effect on the influx of new people that will be coming to the facilities, and the neighborhood.

Membership Scholarships

Membership scholarships will be provided for organizations serving the Mission community, or individuals that are low and moderate income (LMI) residents of the Mission. The number of scholarships available will be at least 33% of the total number of Impact Hub SF open space members. The Board will regularly review scholarship applications to ensure that the available scholarships are filled. Scholarships at the “Community Plus” level offer access Mon-Fri from 9am-5pm with a monthly rate of $50/mo. For those subsets that wish 24/7 access and the increased benefits of further price-reduced meeting rooms and event rentals at the “Community Premium” level, they can upgrade for an additional $50/mo for a total of $100 per month.

The purpose of the Impact Hub Membership Scholarship program is to ensure that the Impact Hub membership meaningfully represents the diversity and culture of the Mission community.

Capacity-Building Workshops

Scholarship recipients would be invited to a series of capacity building workshops focusing on relevant nonprofit skills such as fundraising, monitoring and evaluation, and human resource management, and other workshops and programming as determined by the Board.

The purpose of these sessions is to ensure that Impact Hub is supporting Mission-serving organizations, not only through discounted space, but also by providing a capacity building program, connection to a broader network, and skills-building opportunities.  

Assembly Space for Community Members and Neighborhood Groups

Impact Hub San Francisco’s event space includes the outdoor space, as well as most of the first and third floors. These areas will support programs, trainings, collaboration space, and support services for nonprofits working towards social justice, community serving businesses, and local community engagement, and events. Impact Hub will donate one smaller event rental (for up to 75 ppl) per week for community groups or community planning exercises, and will donate the largest event space (for event sizes up to 250 ppl) up to four times per calendar year for a 4 hour event during evenings or weekends. In addition to these fully donated event spaces, Impact Hub will offer the space at a 40% discount to community groups for up to 90 hours per quarter.

* Impact Hub will donate or discount the event rental fee, but this does not include costs for staffing, private security, liquor licensing, catering, or equipment use fees (ie: projectors.)

The purpose of offering donated and discounted event space to interested community groups is to ensure that the Impact Hub is fully utilized as a community assembly space.

Local Community Programs

In addition to these programs, which will be designed and run by community members, Impact Hub and the Board will also build out a set of programs that benefit the local community, small businesses, and youth of the Mission. All of these community-serving programs will receive deeply discounted or free space at Impact Hub (contributing to the scholarship and nonprofit office goals above). The Board will be tasked with providing additional ideas for community-oriented partners and programming.

The purpose here is for Impact Hub itself, with direction from the Board, to host or co-present organizations and events serving the Mission community, in addition to the other community events presented at Impact Hub by Mission-based organizations.

Community Representatives on Decision-Making Group

Impact Hub will set up a decision making Board to oversee the Mission outreach and integration outlined here. The Board will be a group of 9 people comprised of members from the Mission community (3ppl), Impact Hub staff (3ppl) and the Impact Hub member community (3ppl, jointly selected by the Mission Community Members and the Impact Hub staff.) The Board will be open to all, and individuals representing a diversity of ages, genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, and income levels will be encouraged to apply and will be invited to disclose their background on their applications. Every effort will be made by Impact Hub, the Board, and partners, to ensure a diverse and representative Board.

>>>If you’re a Community Member interested in joining the Impact Hub San Francisco Mission Advisory Board, please email Carlos Bocanegra at

The purpose of a diverse decision-making board is to ensure that Impact Hub is a dynamic community environment that effectively benefits the Mission.

Community Service from Members and Staff

Impact Hub will provide opportunities for members and staff to regularly support local nonprofits externally, in a volunteer capacity. These volunteer opportunities will consist of Impact Hub specific group events, which will be advertised to members and partners, as well as a volunteer opportunity board, where Mission community organizations can post needs, and Impact Hub members and partners can individually sign up. The Board will, with input from the broader Mission community, identify volunteer opportunities that can be offered to Impact Hub groups and members. Through both individual and group volunteering, Impact Hub commits to fulfilling at least 50 volunteer hours per quarter.

The goals of the community service initiative are to directly support local Mission-based nonprofit organizations, as well as to increase engagement and opportunities for direct interaction between Mission community residents and Impact Hub members.

Monthly Engagement

An essential component for building bridges between the various communities in the Mission, in the Impact Hub, and in San Francisco as a whole, is dialogue, education, and community connection. Impact Hub will create a similar program to the former Engage SF, a program committed to bridging the gap between new and established neighborhood residents.

The goal of this is to ensure that Impact Hub can serve the various communities in the Mission  as a place for cross community educational opportunities and dialogue.

Job Opportunities

Impact Hub will create a job/opportunity board for jobs that are put forth by the organizations in the Hub space, as well as Impact Hub partners and other social sector organizations. The Board will identify key organizations working with the Mission community to help advertise this job board and ensure that residents of the Mission have access to these opportunities. Additionally, Impact Hub will encourage each member organization to hire >30% from the Mission community.

The goal of this collaboration is to give residents of the Mission direct access to Impact Hub member organizations and partners, as well as new opportunities in a growing job market.

Mapping to Local Businesses

The Board will build a database of local restaurants and businesses based on information from the Mission community. Impact Hub will make every effort to source its own catering, janitorial and professional services from Mission community-based vendors and groups, and encourage its members to do the same in the event that they need these services. In addition, Impact Hub will engage in digital marketing (in collaboration with the Mission Marketing team, including the Mission Street Corridor Manager and OEWD), which includes email marketing and social media content on Impact Hub SF’s newsletter/email lists, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The goal of this initiative will be to drive clientele to existing Mission businesses and to increase the online presence of local organizations, businesses, and individuals to help preserve and protect the Mission district’s culture and heritage.

Transparency for Enforcement of Agreement and Impact Reporting

Impact Hub will design a quarterly reporting process, to be completed by the Board, that reviews how Impact Hub and other stakeholders are meeting objectives outlined in this agreement. Impact Hub agrees to regularly publicize key successes of this collaboration via social media, as well as the summary results of the quarterly reports on an annual basis.

The goal of these efforts will be to hold Impact Hub and the Board accountable for their commitments.

First Floor Environment

Impact Hub will make every effort to create a first floor environment that is welcoming to the local Mission community, with support and guidance from partners and the Board. A bi-lingual / bi-cultural (Spanish speaking) host, supplemented by a security guard when necessary, would be welcoming to members. Impact Hub SF will seek murals and other art for the outside and first floor by local Mission artists. Local community-serving groups will be preferentially located on the first floor, including youth programs like HOMEY and a program similar to Oakland’s Youth Hub.

The purpose of these efforts is to ensure that the local Mission community feels welcome in the space, and feels comfortable to make use of the Impact Hub as a community assembly space.