Bayes Impact

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History and Mission

Bayes Impact LogoBayes Impact, a graduate of Y Combinator, was started three years ago when its founders grew frustrated with the way Silicon Valley ignored social issues. They noticed that the technologies in Silicon Valley were being used to provide great service to paying customers, but those same technologies were not being used to help people with their basic needs and social services because there was no money to be made. They also noticed that the government, the main provider of much of these social services, did not have the necessary technology to keep up. So they decided to build the software and technology necessary to bridge the gap. Now, they are currently focused on data driven social sciences.

The Bayes Impact Team
The Bayes Impact team

From the beginning, Bayes Impact’s mission has been to create the future of public services. They are using data and software to give an underserved population a new way ofusing public services. Traditionally, governments have been responsible for providing these services, but they believe that the future of these public services is open-sourced and data driven.

Their work often reflects this through projects that are designed with the idea of helping people using data science. For example, a product named Bob-Emploi, launched in France, uses data from a variety of sources to help unemployed people find the next step of their career. It takes a user’s information, data from the government, and a variety of other data, analyzes it, and provides a user with options that would help them further their career – whether it be jobs or training that would increase their chances of finding a job.

Another project they launched just last year is a little closer to home. They partnered with the California Department of Justice to build and launch URSUS to collect data about police use of force. Before, there had only been estimations of these numbers, but thanks to URSUS, which is being used in every police department in the state, there will soon be public data that will help people analyze the situation factually. This will hopefully push forward the conversation about police use of force.

Joining the Community

Their mission to use data science for social impact and frustrations with the overall Silicon Valley culture are some of the reasons Bayes Impact chose to join the Impact Hub community. They felt that the people in Silicon Valley focused too much on profit and not enough on people, and they wanted to find a community that reflected their mission. They found that in Impact Hub. They hope that by being in a social impact world, they’ll be able to collaborate with other teams and learn from groups working with the people they want to help. They hope that they will be able to forge new partnerships and opportunities at Impact Hub.

Mehdi Jamei, Executive Director at Bayes Impact
Mehdi Jamei

One thing they want people to know

“One thing I want people to know is that we are the team who believes and has shown that technology can be used to address some real challenges that people have in the world…We are committed to this change and we are a group that really believes in the future of this work, and we are committed to making it happen.” – Mehdi Jamei, Executive Director

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Bayes Impact is also focusing its efforts on health care. Learn all about it here.