To all of the incredible humans of Impact Hub,

My last day as an official Impact Hub SF team member is this coming Friday, February 5. After more than 3 years helping build this community, I’m going to be transitioning into a new role with the Global Social Business Incubator at the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship out of Santa Clara University. Lucky for me, this means I’ll still get to work here as a member in their office on the second floor at Impact Hub SF from time to time – so this isn’t a real goodbye but more of a thank you!

I moved to San Francisco in 2012 wanting to know more about the idea of social enterprise. While attending a talk about microfinance that fall, Mission Hub founder Tim Freundlich introduced himself by stating that he worked at Impact Hub and he wanted to talk to anyone afterwards who wanted to learn more about it. His passion was infectious and I waited in a line to talk to him afterwards. Yada yada yada…a few weeks later I was hired to work as the Host in the San Francisco Hub. That chance meeting truly changed my life in almost every way.

It’s hard to encapsulate in words how much of an impact this community has had on my life in the past few years. I found the apartment I live in, all of my best friends in San Francisco, and my professional purpose through this place. On a new year’s trip to Joshua Tree this year, I realized more than half of our small group were former Hubbers – I can’t (and I don’t want to) get away from Impact Hub no matter where in the world I go.

I hope that I’ve been able to help many of you even a fraction of the amount that you’ve supported me! Thank you….for sharing your stories with me, mentoring Kick entrepreneurs, teaching a Workbench class, clinking bowls at Sexy Salad, laughing with me about the printers (and LOTS of other things), building human pyramids at the holiday party, live tweeting whiskey society, doing EVERY dish by hand during the kitchen overhaul 2013, making the Bad Ass Women group a reality, bringing your food and yourself to Hubs-giving, and generally making this shared space the most inspiring place to work I can imagine.

Looking forward to continuing to support you all as a community member!

With much love and gratitude,


Marie Team Square

Ricky Govan