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National Humanitarian Day

There is a myth that one has to have, in order to give. In honor of National Humanitarian Day, we want to introduce five truly incredible humanitarians (under 30 years old), that have dedicated themselves to the ideals of giving back.  Pfft… Silly myth.

Santiago Villegas. 29. 

Santiago Villegas


This 29 year old computer scientist from Colombia created a system called the Online Safety Project which allows people to report everything from disturbance of peace to homicide in a mere seconds, anonymously. Witnesses (and others) can add comments and/or pictures, as well as vote on whether the report is “true” or “not true” and whether it “affects me”. Employees monitor the site around the clock and contact the authorities when necessary.


Kurtis Heimerl. 30.

Kurtis Heimerl

Kurtis Heilmer grew up in the remote mountains of Alaska, with no electricity, transportation, or other conveniences. His experience helped him immensely in creating his Village Base Station, an innovation that has a good chance to bring cellular coverage to regions forsaken by major carriers.
The Village Base Station debuted last year in an Indonesian village that is a 4 hour drive from the nearest city. The village has trouble keeping doctors and teachers that have to make the commute just to make a phone call. The system has brought coverage to 350 subscribers and over $1000 in revenue for the operator – and is still going strong.


Hugh Evans. 29. 

Hugh Evans


In 2008, Evans co-founded The Global Poverty Project, which is committed to ending extreme poverty (defined as earning less than $1.25 a day) within 25 years. Evans throws big awareness campaigns like the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park at the end of September, where people had to take “actions” online –say tweeting about poverty or watching educational YouTube videos–to earn points that could be redeemed for tickets.


Sejal Hathi. 21. 

Sejal Hathi


Hathi, a molecular biology student at Yale university, wants to help girls everywhere. Her organization Girls Helping Girls has helped over 30,000 girls in 22 countries connect and support each others goals. Her Girltank identifies and develops girls with potential to become high-impact leaders. Her social venture capital fund, S2 Capital, invests equity and debt in entrepreneurs under the age of 30 in low-resource countries.


Mohamed Ali Niang. 24. 

Mohamed Ali Niang


In Mali 81% of children under 5 are anemic, and half of deaths can be attributed to malnutrition. Niang is facing the problem head-on, co-founding an innovative rice mill in Segou, that provides affordable fortified rice.