When I joined MissionHUB as CEO this past March, I asked our staff to write down the values that they felt best described our customers – the 2,000+ members of our 5 Impact Hub campuses, 15,000+ people who attend our campus events each year, and 3,000+ attendees of our annual SOCAP conference.

Here were the top 3 responses:

  1. Committed to Making the World a Better Place

  2. Good Citizens of the World

  3. Inspiring & Innovative

With the celebration this week of National Humanitarian Day, it feels appropriate to celebrate these values and our special responsibilities as citizens of the world.

Citizenship is the “character of an individual” and the “rights, duties, and privileges” that go along with being a member of society.

To me, the “character of an individual” is reflected in the first value that we identify with our customers: Committed to Making the World a Better Place. That commitment has to come from within the self – it is personal. It becomes a part of being, not just doing. It is a part of one’s belief system.

And as Good Citizens of the World, we also have “rights and duties” beyond just our personal desire to do good – the responsibilities that we share that make society work. Those are the skills and knowledge that we bring to each other. But we have to earn the right to call ourselves a citizen of the world – being a citizen is a “privilege” not just a duty.

The members of the MissionHUB community choose to earn that right by making it a part of their livelihood through work at a non-profit, foundation, impact investor, or social enterprise.

Please join me in thanking them for the Inspiring & Innovative work that they do every day that leads us all to be not just good but great citizens of the world.